Originally from a small town called Chiusa di Pesio, an Italian town located in the Piedmont Region, our ancestors left their wine-producing lands to undertake and seek better opportunities in Mendoza, Argentina, initially arriving in Chile at the beginning of the last century to also settle in a zone of “grapes”. Several generations later, and going back in history, which brings us to the present, the Piantini family bought the vineyards located in the Cachapoal Valley from those who were the founders of Winery Lagar de Bezana. 

Hand in hand with its new owners, in 2017, the story and transformation of Lagar began. Along with the review of its processes and modernization of its facilities and winery, the idea of renaming it to give a more proper meaning to its origin and roots also arises. This is how Lagar de Codegua Terroir, Winery Familiar Boutique, was reborn to modify its name, vision, and purpose, together with all those who are part of it, and to begin a journey towards creating premium-quality wines to take them to new markets and consumers, both in Chile and around the world. 


Cristián Azocar

Cristian is an Agricultural Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Winemaker with more than 20 years of experience in the Cachapoal valley. 

Sales Team
Nacional y Exportaciones

The prime focus are always our clients and consumers, that they can enjoy our wines, learn about our vineyard, its vines, blends, and varieties, regardless of the level of knowledge they have about wine. We aim that our commitment and dedication to everything we do at Lagar are present in many tables, celebrations, and important moments in the lives of our clients, that is what mobilizes us every day. 


Our Staff

The Lagar team is key on the development of our company and in everything we do, most part of our collaborators are locals and have been with us since the beginning. We seek excellence in everything we set out to do, and as the Lagar family, we are committed, motivated, and professionals in our quest to turn our vineyard and its wines into a unique experience. Maintaining our reputation for high quality, and the authenticity of our strains, always striving for excellence as the foundation of everything we do, is our priority. 


We are part of Ruta Cachapoal and members of Wine of Chile.