Our vineyards were planted in 1998 on stony soils of alluvial origin, originated as a result of the displacement of the land caused 12,000 years ago by the last ice age which produced a displacement of water and land from the valley mountain range, forming a plateau of deep and well-drained soil, naturally limiting the vigor of the vineyard and its yield. Thus giving meaning to the meaning of the name of the town of Codegua: “Place of waters and stones”. Since 1998, this terroir has delivered wines of body and quality. 


Lagar de Codegua is located about 78 km south of Santiago and 21 km from Rancagua, in one of the oldest towns in Chile, dating back to 1565, “Codegua”. The winery and the vineyards are located at the foot of the Andes Mountains (600 masl) in the quiet surroundings of the old Hacienda La Leonera. At the gateway to the prestigious Cachapoal Valley. 

Cachapoal VALLEY


Our vineyards are planted on stony soils of alluvial origin with a loamy texture, good porosity, low organic matter content, and deep, well-drained drainage. All these characteristics allow us a natural control of vigor and vineyard yield, resulting in a higher concentration of phenolic compounds in the grape. 


With a Mediterranean climate with a wide temperature range between day and night, a temperature difference of around 20 °C can be reached because our vineyards are located at the foot of the Andes Mountains at 600 meters above sea level. 


For the Lagar family, producing wine is an art where each bottle must reflect the local conditions of the Cachapoal Valley and the authenticity of our vines. That is why we always seek to create high-quality wines with identity and personality that are connected to their land and to the people of the town of Codegua. 



Become an iconic winery in the Cachapoal Valley and be a benchmark in Chilean viticulture. Create high-quality wines with their own identity and personality that highlight the attributes of our Codegua terroir, our people, and our roots. 




Respond to the high quality standards of our wine lines, maintaining their identity and consistency through the years, positioning ourselves as a recognized winery in Cachapoal, in Chile, and abroad, and being a committed and responsible winery with the environment.